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National Highways (Temporary Bridges) Rules, 1964

The National Highways (Temporary Bridges) Rules, 1964

Published vide G.S.R. 1733, dated 26.11.1964, published in the Gazette of India, 1964, Pt.II, Section 3(i), p. 1901, dated 26.11.1964.


In exercise of thepowers conferred by section 9 of the National Highways Act, 1956 (48 of 1956),the Central Government hereby makes the following rules, namely:

  1. Short title .These rules may becalled The National Highways (Temporary Bridges ) Rules , 1964.
  2. Rate of fees .The rates at whichfees for services rendered in relation to the use of temporary bridges on anynational highway may be levied, shall be as specified in the Schedule to theserules.
  3. Procedure forcollection of fees .TheCentral Government may

(i) collect the fees payable for services rendered in relation to the use of temporarybridges departmentally; or

(ii) lease out, by publicauction or by negotiation, for a period not exceeding one year at a time andsubject to such conditions as may be specified in the lease deed, the right tocollect such fees:

Provided that where such right is leased outby negotiation, the reasons for the same shall be recorded in writing.


Fees for services rendered in relation to the use of temporary bridges on national highways

Sl. No. Nature of service Rate of fees (in Rs.)
1 2 3
1. Palkee with 8 bearers and travelers 0.37
2. Palkee empty 0.19
3. Palkee with 6 bearers and travelers 0.25
4. Palkee empty 0.12
5. Dolly with 4 bearers and travelers 0.19
6. Dolly empty 0.06
7. Dolly with 2 bearers and travelers 0.09
8. Dolly empty 0.06
9. Ekka, Rath, Manjhauli with single bullock or party 0.19
10. Ekka, Rathless bullock pair 0.25
11. Drawn by horse or one or two bullocks with travelers and sayess 0.50
12. Drawn with sayess only 6.37
13. Four-wheeled carriage on spring drawn by one horse of pair of bullock with travelers and servants 1.00
14. Four-wheeled carriage with servants only 1.75
15. Four-wheeled carriage drawn by two horses with travelers and servants 1.50
16. Four-wheeled carriage with servants only 1.00
17. Four-wheeled carriage without spring drawn by two bullocks laden and with travelers 0.50
18. Four-wheeled carriage empty 0.25
19. Four-wheeled carriage drawn by more than two bullocks laden or with travelers 1.00
20. Four-wheeled carriage empty 0.50
21. Hackney with pair of bullocks laden 0.22
22. Hackney with three or more bullocks laden 0.37
23. Hackney empty 0.09
24. Hachney empty with three or more bullocks 0.19
25. Bullocks or buffaloes in drive per score if less than one score 0.25
26. Bullocks and buffaloes if less than one score 0.08
27. Bullocks or buffaloes if laden 0.03
28. Sheep goats in drive per score 0.12
29. Sheep if less than one score 0.02
30. Dog 0.06
31. Horse with rider or sayess or both 0.19
32. Ponny with rider or sayess or both 0.06
33. Ass or mule laden with driver 0.09
34. Ass or mule unladen with driver 0.06
35. Camels laden in strings per ¼ score 2.25
36. Camels laden in less than ten each 0.31 each
37. Camels laden/unladen in strings per half score 1.50
38. Camels if less than ten 0.19
39. Elephants with gear or howdah 0.75
40. Motor car (in addition to Rs.10.00, additional 25 P. for every occupant) 10.00
41. Loaded truck or passenger bus 50.00
42. Unloaded truck or passenger bus (in addition to Rs. 12.50, additional 25 P. for every occupant) 12.50
43. Rickshaw loaded 0.25
44. Rickshaw unloaded 0.12
45. Motor cycle with side car 0.50
46. Motor cycle without side car 0.25

Services exempted from fees

  1. Mails, mail-carts, dak-runners, and Government telegraphs messengers on duty.
  2. Police and other public officers and process serving peons when travelling on duty with theirbona fidebaggage, horse, palkies or other conveyances.
  3. Executive officers of the District Road Department when travelling on duty.
  4. Members of the District and Local Board travelling on duty connected with their officer as such members.
  5. Coolies engaged in repairing roads, with their tools and instruments.
  6. Persons carrying dead bodies or property sent in by the police.
  7. Military officers, when travelling on duty, troops in uniform and their families, attendant, animals and vehicles accompanying them.
  8. Vehicles moving under the orders of military authority.
  9. Government servants travelling on duty, their attendants, animals and vehicles accompanying them.
  10. Persons and animals employes in and vehicles transmitted on the public service.
  11. Vehicles employed in connection with the transport of materials or goods owned or purchased by Government while proceeding with, or travelling empty for taking, such a load.
  12. Village kotwals travelling on duty and accused person in custody.
  13. Persons, animals and vehicles conveying materials for use on works in charge of the P.W.D.
  14. Pedestrains.
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