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Overseas Law Schools

Overseas Law Schools
Overseas Law Schools

As the world moves increasingly toward globalization, overseas law schools are offering students more opportunities to immerse themselves in foreign legal systems and international law.

Though legal education is widely limited to being a domestic program, the attractions of a foreign degree still lure law aspirants.

However it is definite that studying abroad is ‘incredibly valuable.’

Today legal questions are increasingly being resolved across national boundaries, whether they involve business transactions, litigation, domestic relations, estate planning, or social justice.

The international student seeking a law degree overseas must plan their educational track carefully and as early as possible in order to succeed. The international student who wishes to practice law abroad may encounter confusion in the law school admission process.

One of the main difficulties the student will face is the varying criterion of each of the individual Country.

What to study?

Law Degree - India or Abroad
Law Degree – India or Abroad

Before you plan to pursue a law course abroad, the most important factor to consider is to understand the difference in the degrees conferred.

In many countries, graduate students can go for an LLB and followed by an LLM degree.

Even though , many top law colleges abroad allow students to study law as an integrated course of five years after clearing 12 years of education.  While the countries follow the same model, they have a different set of degrees on offer.

LLM or master’s in law follows the same degree structure across the world. However, the difference lies in the first law degrees as well as in Ph.D degrees.

Some of the Degrees being offered worldwide overseas are:

Juris doctors (JD):  In the USA, JD degree is the first law professional degree. The degree is earned by completing law school in the United States, Canada, Australia among other countries. The JD degree is offered by both law schools approved or unapproved by the American Bar Association (ABA) and by some Canadian law schools. Generally, a JD is achieved after three years of legal education.

A JD degree maybe equivalent to an LLB degree. Usually, an aspirant has to appear for LSAT to enroll in a JD programme.

BA in Jurisprudence: This Degree is offered by the University of Oxford, it counts as the first qualifying degree in law. It is considered equivalent to an LLB as the graduates can directly go for the Legal Practice Course (for solicitors) or the Bar Professional Training Course (for barristers) after qualifying in BA in Jurisprudence.

SJD/JSD: It is commonly understood as the doctorate degree in law, the Doctor of Juridical Science is an advanced research doctorate degree offered in some universities of the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, among others. Considered equivalent to a Ph.D, SJD requires a master’s degree in law, and is aimed at training academics as well as law scholars.

LLD: The LLD or Legum Doctor is one of the highest degrees in law offered by many universities across the world. In simple words, it is the doctorate level academic degree in law also known as an honorary doctorate.

Overseas Law Schools

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