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Advertise with Latest Laws
Advertise with Latest Laws

Wish to advertise with us? Here you go.

Our advertisement service is more in the nature of information dissemination than mere promotion.

We sincerely believe that advertisement on our Website in a way amounts to our conscious endorsement of the same.

We only confirm any advertisement slots only after analyzing quality of target product or services and at all times reserve right to reject such offer solely at our discretion.

Why should you advertise with us?

Latest Laws is India’s first and one of its own kind Website which provides useful and unique Legal Resources which is a healthy amalgamation of Legal Statutory Database of codified Laws and round the clock reporting of all Legal and related News not only from India but World over.


As on date we have a Followers base of more than 1.47 Lakh and it is growing on our Facebook Page titled www.facebook,com/LatestLaws.

We are full service Digital Legal Magazine Website with a unique amalgamation of Free to download Statutory Database which gets more than 1,00,000+ hits every month.

Latest Laws Page Views
Latest Laws Page Views

In addition we have a wide network of Law Students, Academicians, Researchers and Lawyers who put the word across in various Colleges, including all the top notch National Law schools and Government colleges.

Furthermore, if required, we also send personal email notifications to the possible interest groups and share the information with them through Google groups and our Facebook Group Latest Laws Club.

During the ads period we also give special news coverage of the organisation complimentary.

At LatestLaws.com we are a fully responsive website and fit in any resolution’s desktop, tablet and smart phones, your ads size may vary according to devices and screen resolutions that will be auto adjusted.

Add your own Description Page:

You can also request for a Description Page for your brand or product, just paying 25% extra of the Plan Value, the link of the said advertisement description will be like as: http://www.LatestLaws.com/yourpage.

You can also use this URL in your business stationery or promotional material. This can also be linked from any of the banners mentioned above.

You are requested to send your own designed page and graphics.

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