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Jammu and Kashmir Forest (Protection) Force Rules, 2012

1. Short title and commencement
2. Definitions
3. Office and designation of superior officers and enrolled members of the Force
4. Organisational set up at the Headquarters of the Director
5. Organisational set up at Zonal level of Jammu and Kashmir
6. Organisational set up at Division level
7. Superintendence of the Force
8. Command and supervision at the State level
9. Command and supervision at the Zonal level
10. Command, supervision etc. at Divisional level
11. Command (General)
12. General powers and responsibilities of superior officers
14. Administrative Powers of the Director
15. Powers of the Director to issue “Directives”
16. Powers of other superior officers to issue orders
17. Superior officers to exercise all those powers which can be exercised by their subordinates
18. Powers and functions of Staff Officer to Director
19. Powers and functions of Joint Director
20. Powers and functions of Deputy Director Headquarter to Delta Force
21. Powers and responsibilities of Deputy Director
22. Powers and responsibilities of Assistant Director
23. General powers and duties of enrolled members of the Force
24. The other functions of members of the Force shall be
25. Recruitment and appointment
26. Execution of agreement Every person shall—
27. Refund of cost of training
28. Initial training of direct recruits
29. Standard of training and syllabus
30. Regulation of training period
31. Promotion courses
32. Disciplinary control
33. Provident fund, gratuity, pension, medical facilities etc.
34. Distribution
35. General principles of effecting periodical transfer
36. Seniority in initial grade
37. Seniority of superior officers (1) In a particular rank
38. Seniority of directly recruited candidates (enrolled members)
39. Seniority of departmental promotees
40. Inter-se-seniority of direct recruits and promotees
41. Determination of seniority on inter-zonal transfer
42. Effect of reduction in rank, grade or pay on seniority
43. Miscellaneous provision governing seniority
44. Representation against assignment of seniority
45. Quantum of leave
46. General conditions governing grant of leave
47. Restriction on grant of leave
48. Joining time
49. Deposit of Government property
50. Performance appraisal
51. Annual Performance Appraisal
52. Service Books
53. Personal files
54. Redressal of grievances through outside influence
55. Redressal of grievances through litigation
56. Other conditions of service
57. Residential accommodation
58. Location of barracks and other accommodation
59. Maintenance and vacation of residential accommodation
60. General instructions
61. Uniform and plain clothes
62. Uniform when to be worn
63. Growth and dressing of the hair
64. Scale of uniform
65. Replacement of uniform
66. Disposal of uniform
67. Resuming of uniform articles on ceasing to be enrolled member of the Force
68. Retention of articles of uniform on retirement or repatriation to parent department
69. Rules governing discipline
70. Suspension
71. Exceptional circumstances for suspension
72. Conditions for suspension
73. Public interest as deciding factor
74. Deemed order of suspension
79. Responsibilities of member of the Force during suspension
80. Retirement while under suspension
81. Rules governing conduct
82. Code of behaviour for members of the Force
83. Offences relatable to duties of enrolled members
84. Description of punishments
85. Effect of departmental punishment on prosecution
86. Disciplinary Authority
87. Authority to institute proceedings
88. Procedure for imposing major punishments
89. Action on the Inquiry Report
90. Determination of punishment
91. Imposing of punishment of dismissal, etc.
92. Reduction in the rank, grade or in the scale of pay
93. Procedure for imposing minor punishments
94. Departmental proceeding file
95. Special procedure in certain cases
96. Procedure to be followed in case conviction by a criminal court
97. Procedure when two or more enrolled members are involved
98. Provision regarding enrolled member of the Force whose services are lent to other departments of State Government, etc.
99. Provision regarding enrolled members of the Force on deputation
100. Entry of punishment in service roll
101. Penal punishments
102. Investigation of charges
103. Period of limitation for trial
104. Force custody
105. Framing of charges
106. Contents of charge
107. Signature on charge sheet
108. Construction of charge sheet
109. Execution of sentence
110. Appeals against orders of suspension
111. Appeals against orders imposing punishments
112. Form and contents of appeal
113. Submission of appeals
114. Withholding of appeals
115. Transmission of appeals
116. Consideration of appeals
117. Implementation of orders in appeal
118. Revision
119. Time-limit for disposal of appeal or revision
120. Authority to fix nature and scale of armament
121. Source of supply of arms and ammunition
122. Annual forecasts of requirements in ordnance stores
123. Scale of supply of the ordnance stores
124. Indents for arms and ammunition
125. Preparation and submission of indents
126. Disposal of indents for Ordnance Store
127. Changes in fixed distribution
128. Stamping of arms
129. Register of distribution of arms
130. Special orders regarding rifles
131. Custody and care of arms
132. Pistols
133. Distribution of arms and ammunition
134. “Expense”stock
135. Pistol ammunition
136. Ammunition accounts
137. Control and inspection of magazines and storage of ammunition therein
138. Disposal of empty cases and defective rounds
139. Check of ammunition
140. Component parts and stores
141. Care and repair of arms
142. Procedure when arms are lost or seriously damaged
143. Unserviceable arms
144. Stock taking
145. Receipt of arms from Ordnance Stores
146. Disposal of surplus or unserviceable Ordnance Stores
147. Procedure for return of unserviceable Ordnance Stores
148. Precautions against the issue of dummy or blank cartridges with live cartridges
149. Conditions for use of arms and ammunition by any member of the Force while performing duties under the Act
150. Investigation into cognizable cases
151. Procedure where forest offence suspected
152. Procedure when investigation cannot be completed in twenty-four hours
153. Report of investigation by subordinate Force Officer
154. Release of accused when evidence deficient
155. Cases to be sent to Magistrate when evidence is sufficient
156. Diary of proceeding in investigation
157. Report of Force Officer on completion of investigation
158. Procedure on arrest
159. Powers to investigate
160. Procedure when Force opens fire for protection of forest property
161. Plaints
162. Public complaints against the misconduct of the members of the Force
163. Commission of Inquiry
164. Records and Registers
165. Ministerial staff
166. Discharge Certificate

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