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From Denizen to Citizen: Right to Leave, Remain and to Return @ICFAI Tripura [Feb 14-15]: Submit by Jan 25

ICFAI University, Tripura is organising a National Seminar on ‘From Denizen to Citizen: Right to Leave, Remain and to Return’ on February 14-15, 2019.



Seminar papers are invited from academicians, practitioners, researchers, scholars, and students on the issues related to specified themes. Authors of selected papers would be given an opportunity to present their papers on the day of the seminar in person.

About the Seminar

Citizenship is the status, which is given to the individuals as lawful member of a State. However, we must agree that such status is a select space of a State and every State has its own criteria to decide the qualification for citizenship. Be that as it may, the rise of globalization and the worldwide economy have presented new dimension to the customary thoughts of citizenship.

In the contemporary situation, the residents of one nation relocate to another nation because of financial, social and other such reasons. In this specific situation, the idea of human rights of the citizen is of great significance. The States are also under a commitment to maintain the human rights of the nationals as well as of each individual living inside the domain of the State independent of their citizenship status.

Objective of the Seminar

The objective of the seminar is to draw out the current state of human rights in association with citizenship in India with particular complement on the circumstance of evacuees and stateless individuals.


From Denizen to Citizen: Right to Leave, Remain and to Return


  • The Human Rights of Non-citizens
  • State Obligation Towards Non-citizens: Balance between Human Rights and National Interest
  • Challenges of Legally Defining Citizenship
  • Protection of Non-citizens in International Law
  • Role of International Organizations in Refugee Crisis
  • Stateless Person and Citizenship: Prospect of International Citizenship Law
  • Dual Citizenship

Registration Procedure

An abstract along with a brief profile of the authors must be sent through email: seminarils@iutripura.edu.in .

Submission Guidelines

  • Name of Author(s) or any other form of identification must not be mentioned in the Seminar Paper.
  • Word limit: 3000 – 4000
  • Font style – Times New Roman
  • Line Spacing – 1.5 (Main text), 1 (Footnotes)
  • Citation Style – Any Uniform Mode of Citation
  • Margins – 1 inch (i.e. 2.54 cm) on each side
  • Co-authorship is permitted to a maximum of two authors per paper.

Registration Fee

Student Rs. 800
Research Scholars/ Academicians/ Professionals/Others Rs. 1200
Each co-author shall pay separately. Registration fees must be paid only after the selection of abstract is intimated to the authors. Account details and other details for payment will be informed along with the acceptance intimation.

Important Dates

  • Last date for submission of abstract: 25thJanuary, 2019
  • Intimation to the Authors of the selection of their article: 31st January, 2019
  • Last date for submission of final paper : 12th February, 2019
  • Registration Deadline & Request for accommodation: 7th February, 2019


Prof. Md. Baharul Islam, Assistant Professor of Law ICFAI University, Tripura Email: baharul.i@iutripura.edu.in, Mobile: 7005189370

Prof. Nabarun Bhattacharjee (Seminar Convenor), Assistant Professor of Law ICFAI University, Tripura, Email: nabarunbhattacharjee@iutripura.edu.in, Mobile: 9435075052

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