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Affidavit for issue of duplicate licence for export trade control

Before The Deputy Chief Controller Of Exports, Department Of Supply, Ministry Of Food, New Delhi,

Affidavit of Mr. DH, aged about ___ years’ S/o Mr. SS, R/o __________________________

I, the above named deponent solemnly affirm and state on oath as under.—

1. That the deponent is the partner of the firm DH & Co. and hence is fully conversant of

the facts deposed below.

2. That the licence No. _____ dated _________, which was issued to the deponent’s

Co. for export of iron goods, has actually been lost.

3. That the period of said licence has not yet been exhausted.

4. That the above licence was issued for export of total quantity of _______M.T.

5. That so far only _________ M.T. of Iron goods has been exported.

6. That because of the loss of original copy of the Licence the deponent requires a duplicate copy to cover the quantity.

7. that the deponent will return the original Licence to the Licencing authority as and when found for cancellation and shall not make any misuse of the same.



I, DH, the above named deponent do hereby verify that the contents of this affidavit from para 1 to 7 are true to the best of my knowledge and belief. Nothing material has been concealed.

Dated ………………… Deponent

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