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Delhi among Top Five, while Manglore tops the list of cases of Abuse against Elders

June 14, 2018:

Delhi is among Top Five Indian cities reporting high percentages of the elderly abuse with 33 percent of Elderly population being treated poorly.

Rights of Senior Citizens
Rights of Senior Citizens Pic by Economic Times

According to 23 City Report by HelpAge India released on Thursday, Maximum amount of abuse happens in Mangalore (47 per cent), followed by Ahmedabad (46 per cent), Bhopal (39 per cent) and Amritsar (35 per cent).

Report is aimed at understanding the extent, depth, form, frequency and reasons behind such abuse, revealed that nearly one-fourth of elderly population experienced abuse personally, and often the main abusers were either sons (52 per cent) or daughters-in-law (34 per cent).

Report states thatm“Unfortunately, elder abuse starts at home and from whom they trust the most.

Mathew Cherian, CEO, HelpAge India added that,“This year the son has turned out to be the foremost perpetrator, followed by the daughter-in-law who normally is perceived as the primary abuser as per past surveys”.

Report sheds light on how 82 per cent of abused elderly do not report the matter to either “maintain confidentiality of family matter” (52 per cent) or “do not know how to deal with problem” (34 per cent).

According to Elders participating in the survey, Sensitisation of children and strengthening inter-generational bonding is the way forward.

Rohit Prasad, CEO, HelpAge India stated that,“38 per cent elders feel most effective way to deal with the elder abuse is to sensitize the children. Another way of tackling this increasing generation gap between young and the old, is bridging this technology gap and empowering our elders”.

HelpAge India runs a toll-free helpline, 1800-180-1253, for the elders to be able to reach out for help in case of instances of abuse.

Source Hindustan Times

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