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NLU Assam’s Parliamentary Debate PROBATIO 2019 [April 18-21, Guwahati]: Registrations Open

About ADUJ

National Law University, Assam proudly invites you to the second edition of its cultural and literary festival, “Adwik Ujaapon” – Sanskrit for Unique and Assamese for Celebration – which signifies the spirit and ethos the University wishes to imbibe and share with the people who become a part of this endeavour of the University.


With talented artists from all over the country becoming a part of this 4-day celebration of the spirit of life, it is surely an experience not worth missing out on. Not only this, multiple literary and cultural events will be held, giving the participants a chance to get in touch with their creative side and explore different avenues of their interest, all at the same time and at the same place. It will surely be a treat for all lovers of art, for ADUJ is the ultimate celebration of artistry, skill, culture and life in itself.

2nd edition of  NLUJAA’s Parliamentary Debate ~ PROBATIO (2019)

Buoyed by the success of the first edition, previously titled “Purvottar Samwad”, we present a more magnanimous and grand debate this time. Our Gates shall open for this four-day verbal carnival for renowned debaters as well as first timers from the length and breadth of the country.

The total prize money that the winning team(s) can take away stands at Rs.85,000/-.

The core team for Probatio hereby opens the window for the first set of adjudicators and teams.


The debate shall be conducted in a 3* 3 Asian Parliamentary format.

Teams shall comprise 3 members. Teams bringing in Student Adjudicators (cap of three per institutional team) will be given preference in the allotment process. Further, independent adjudicators are welcome.

Inter university as well as Cross teams are allowed. Necessary information is enclosed in the Google Form below.

Hurry! The first set of applications shall call for a team discount of INR 200. Applications for the first round shall are now open! The payment gateway opens on 15th January, 2019.

The Rules & Regulations of the Competition shall be mailed to the registered short-listed participants separately.

Core Adjududication

We take this opportunity to call for core adjudicators as well. Hurry, the post of core adjudicator is up for grabs! You will receive a certificate of recognition and cash incentives along with a chance to hone and perfect the adjudication skills and networking with numerous budding adjudicators.

Registration Details

Register online at this page.

Date of Early bird Registration (For both Team and Adjudicator): Till 14th February, 2019.

Early bird Registration fees: Rs. 1800/- per head per team and Rs. 1750 for Adjudicator (accommodation+food+travel+pro shows in the course of the tournament).

Fee without accommodation: Rs 800 per head.

Registration fees without early bird discount (after 14th February, 2019): Rs. 2000/- per head per team and Rs. 1950 for Adjudicator (accommodation+food+travel+pro shows in the course of the tournament).

Fee without Accommodation: Rs. 1000 per head.

Dates: 18th April to 21st April, 2019.


Winning Team: Rs. 35,000/-

Runners’ Up: Rs. 20,000/-

Best Adjudicator: Rs. 10,000/-

Best Speaker: Rs. 10,000/-

Second Best Adjudicator: Rs. 5,000/-

Second Best Speaker: Rs. 5,000/-


For any queries, feel free to contact:

Sonika Sekhar: 8087025160 / 8133047070

Pranoy Goswami: 8777360144

Moon Mishra: 9582953632

Or email us at: probatio@nluassam.ac.in

Follow ADUJ on Facebook and Instagram for regular updates and click here for the pre-invite.

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