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Affidavit for ATM Proposal Letter

Date: _________

The Branch Manager
_________ BANK
Address: _________

Dear Sir,

SUB: OFFER OF PREMISES FOR ATM AT _________(Address of Premises).

With reference to our discussion, I wish to offer a space at the following premises for opening of your ATM. The details of the offer and the terms and conditions are as given below:

S NoItemOffer
1Address and Location of the Premises_________
2Name/s of the owner/s/ Authorized Signatories  with address and phone numbers_________


3Whether the premise is vacant and possession is available immediately.Yes
4Area offered_________ sq.ft  ( ___ X ___ )
5Direct access and frontage_________
6Lease Tenure_________

I undertake to handover the vacant and clean premises as offered above as and when the Bank accepts the offer and coveys the sanction.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

(Your Name)
Contact: _________

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