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#INDIAUNCENSORED Article Writing Competition by IndJustice [Cash Prizes up to Rs. 5K]: Submit by March 28

About INDJustice

At INDJustice, we aim to bring together people having diverse beliefs and opinions on the Cyberspace to exchange their thoughts on an ongoing controversy or any issue that needs to be brought to the public eye. We promote awareness about numerous social issues throughout the country.


Through INDJustice, we seek to create a platform whereby people can utilize their Freedom of Speech and Expression so guaranteed upon the citizenry by the Constitution of India as a Fundamental Right.

About the Event

INDJustice invites you to be a part of #indiauncensored. We believe that every person should have an opinion on issues in the world today. More importantly, people should be able to back up their opinions and explain their views.

In the quest of spreading awareness about the ongoing social, political and legal issues in India, INDJustice, invites one and all to freely express their opinions upon the following topics listed below:


Authors (s) are free to write on any one of the social / political / legal topics given below:

  • What in your opinion is preventing India from becoming a developed nation?
  • Loopholes in the Indian Constitution and Solutions for them
  • What do you think the impact of fake news on politics might be?
  • RAFAEL Deal
  • Election 2019: BJP Vs Congress or Third Wing.

Formatting and Citation Style

  • The submission must be an original unpublished work. Plagiarism will lead to automatic disqualification.
  • Submissions must be made in Microsoft Office (doc./docx.) formats only.
  • The Submission should be free from all grammatical and spelling errors.
  • The body of the manuscript must be in the font ‘Times New Roman’, font size 12, Sub-Heading Size 1, Title Size – 20, line spacing 1.5 and the text should justify.
  • All footnotes must be in Font ‘Times New Roman’, font size 10, line spacing 1.
  • Participants have to adopt a uniform style of citation throughout the document. Adherence to SILC Citation is mandatory.


  1. There will be a restriction of one article per author/ one article per co-authors. Multiple submissions from the same author will not be entertained.
  2. Co-Authorship shall be restricted up to two authors. In such a case, each Participant is required to register individually.
  3. Registration Fee will be of Rs. 250/- in case of a single author and Rs. 350/- in case of co-authorship. All payments shall be made to INDJustice after registration via Patym on the following Number: +919966271271.
    • PAYTM Link for Payment of Registration Fee for Single Authored Article (Rs. 250/-): Click here
    • PAYTM Link for the Payment of Registration Fee for Co-Authored Article (Rs. 350/-): Click here
  4. Registration Link: Click here.
  5. Last Date of Registration is 25.03.2019.

Submission Guidelines

  1. The Competition is open for academicians, practitioners, students and research scholars.
  2. Word limit of the submission is 2000 – 3000 words (inclusive of footnotes).
  3. All submissions must be sent to neha@indjusticeand cc: to shruti@indjustice
  4. The subject of the e-mail should be “Submission: #indiauncensored Article Writing Competition”.
  5. Participants are requested to name their submission as“Participant’s name & Theme”.
  6. The submission shall also be accompanied with another Word document comprising of a Cover Letter mentioning the Name of the Author/s; Name and address of the Institution/College/University; Designation; Year of Study (if applicable); Contact Number; Email ID.
  7. Last Date of Submission: 28.03.2019

Basis of Evaluation

  1. Understanding of the Topic: Participants will be evaluated based on how well they put forth their argument to the reader
  2. Strength in Opinions: Participants will be evaluated based on how the author strengthened the position being taken and are able to convince the reader of their standpoint/opinion
  3. Adherence to the stipulated guidelines: Any submission found to not have adhered to the guidelines stated will be subject to penalties.
  4. Language, Presentation and Creativity utilized: Participants will be evaluated based on the overall presentation and their creativity. The creativity will be judged based on their opinions.


Results shall be declared latest by 10.04.2019.

First 3 Winners shall be awarded Cash Prizes:

  1. First Place: Rs. 2500/-
  2. Second Place: Rs. 1500/-
  3. Third Place: Rs. 1000/-

Readers Favorite will be awarded a Medal and a Certificate of Merit.

  • Top 15 articles will be published on our website.
  • The most liked article by the readers will be awarded the reader’s choice prize.
  • Other Participants shall receive a Certificate of Participation.


In case of any queries, please feel free to reach out to us.
Neha (9966271271)
Shruti (7702031096)

Email ID: neha@indjustice.comshruti@indjustice.com

Follow on Instagram (@ind_justice) for more updates

Click here for official website.

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