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Varun Gandhi’s Right to Recall Bill gets support from Anna Hazare, find more


It is only after the Presidential assent that any Private Member’s bill can be brought up for debate in the House.

Anna Hazare supports Varun Gandhi
Anna Hazare supports Varun Gandhi

Inspired by a letter of support from the social activist Anna Hazare for his efforts in introducing a private members bill in the Parliament on Right to Recall, BJP Member parliament Varun Gandhi on Wednesday tweeted saying he’ll request his party’s leadership to initiate a debate on this subject in the House in the monsoon session.

On Wednesday, Varun Gandhi tweeted along with the letter that Hazare had written to him, in support of the initiative took during the Winter session “Honoured to have Shri Anna Hazare ji’s support for the bill that I’d introduced in Parliament. I shall request my leadership to initiate a debate on the same. The move’ll help increase political accountability & deepen democracy for all.”

Private members bill to recall an MP/MLA, moved by Varun Gandhi had got President Pranab Mukherjee’s nod to be taken up for debating in Parliament, if the govt agreed to it.

It’s only after President’s assent that a private member’s bill can be brought up for a debate in the House.

MPs & MLAs should be recalled within 2 years of being elected if 75 percent of those who voted for them aren’t satisfied with their performance, according to this bill.

Gandhi told when asked why he thought of moving this bill “Time has come when we must actualize our promise of deepening the democracy. The bill is an attempt to towards greater accountability, greater transparency & giving more power directly to the people”.

Gandhi said, justifying his move that we often hear of legislators being accused of heinous crimes like murder/rape/widespread corruption charges, in the mid of their tenure & yet people have to suffer in silence for remaining term because other than pressing 1 button every 5 years voters are mute spectators to the democratic process.

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  1. what about recalling those who were engaged in prostitution in UK and now pretend to be saints?

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