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Teens Driving Rashly can be treated as Adult in cases of Road Accident


Rash and Negligent Driving
Rash and Negligent Driving

False plea of the Juvenile’s Family was nailed by the CCTV footage.

Delhi Police has decided to treat Juvenile driver causing Road Accident as Adult.

Recently a Juvenile was caught live on CCTV camera ramming his SUV Ertiga into a woman in Dwarka, Delhi crushing her between two Cars..

Police has also decided to take action against the boy’s father for trying to mislead the Police during the investigation.

As per cops, the father initially told the Police that some other person was driving the car when the accident took place.

Surender Kumar, DCP , southwest told that they have moved a plea before the JJB, Juvenile Justice Board to treat the minor be treated as an adult keepig in view the serious nature of the crime.

Police apprised that earlier in 2013, the boy’s father was booked for affray over parking of vehicles near his house. T

Juvenile is a student of Class XII at a private school, he was preparing for the board exams. His father owns a security agency in Noida and has Two Cars.

After the accident, the boy informed his father who in turn tried to prove that it was someone else who was driving the car.

However his lies were caught when the CCTV footage showed some locals pulliing the boy out of the driver’s side of the SUV.

Meanwhile, the victim Lady, Kantha Anand, underwent a surgery in a hospital for her broken Hip Bone and is recuperating.

Recently another Juvenile who caused Fatal Accident in Civil Lines area of New Delhi was also treated as Adult by the State.

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