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Supreme Court warns Karnataka: Comply with the Order or Face Wrath of Law that falls on the State


Apex Court warns Karnataka Government to comply with the order before the “wrath of law falls on the State”.

Supreme Court
Supreme Court

On Friday, Supreme Court gave Karnataka Government a last chance to release about 6000 cusecs of Cauvery water to Tamil Nadu between October 1, 2016 and October 6, 2016 before “wrath of the law falls on the State”.

Apex Court has also asked Central Government to set up Cauvery Water Management Board by October 4 so that the Board could visit the Cauvery sites to check the ground realities.

Court has called for a report on October 6 which is the next date of hearing.

Supreme Court has reprimanded the Karnataka State Government for “flouting its orders of the Apex Court and thus creating a situation by which the majesty of law has been dented”.

Bench of Justices Dipak Misra and U.U. Lalit while invoking the limitless powers under Article 144,Constitution of India to enforce its orders, warned that Karnataka Government was “bound to obey the orders of the Apex Court”.

The hearing has come a day after the talks which were hosted by the Union Water Ministry between Karnataka and Tamil Nadu could not find a common ground and resolve the Cauvery water dispute.

The hearing saw Fali Nariman, Senior Advocate and Counsel for Karnataka  refused to espouse cause of his own client and stated that he was an officer of the court and thus he did not want to press further the Karnataka’s case which was in defiance of the repeated orders of the Apex Court to release the water.

Supreme Court has meanwhile ordered Karnataka to release 6000 cusecs of water to Tamil Nadu from October 1 to October 6.

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  1. The Hon’ble supreme court’s on two previous occasions were complied with by the government. The other judgment was issued despite specific prayer that due to scant rainfall no sufficient inflow into reservoirs, the storage just sufficient to meet drinking water requirements. The court did not consider. The legislature unanimously resolved to retain water for drinking purpose. The Hon’ble supreme court issued another order for release of water despite specific prayer of scarcity, drinking water requirements etc. Also prayed for constitute fact finding committee to ascertain facts pleaded by the state. The Hon’ble court again passed orders which is impossible to comply. If court issue order without verification of facts and without primafacie evidence, where the people should go?

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