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Supreme Court to Judges: Why are you seen throwing your weight around?


Don’t Expect any Out-Of-Turn Treatment, Says CJI

Judges should not throw their weight around
Judges should not throw their weight around

On Tuesday Chief Justice of India T S Thakur gave a sage kind of advice for Judges  of Constitutional Court that they should not throw their weight around and not expect out-of turn treatment.

One can see even sitting Supreme Court Judges patiently standing in queue at food joints just to buy Burgers.

We fail to understand as to why does a Supreme Court or the high court Judge is seen throwing his weight around?

Judges should not stand on pleasantries or expect any kind of out-of-turn treatment for themselves.

The Apex Court was hearing of a petition which seeks payment of monthly allowances at a enhanced rate to retired HC Chief Justices and other Judges.

Bench of CJI Thakur and Justice Dhananjaya Chandrachud was constrained to make these observations when they came to know that the High Court of Delhi want that its retired Judges should be paid more than double the amount decided for them by the SC in year 2014.

Ranjit Kumar, Solicitor general informed the apex court that while the Central Government is issuing a notification in compliance of directions given by Supreme Court in March 31 2014 judgment.

The order mandates all the States to pay to Rs 12,000 per month as allowance to retired HC Judges and Rs 14,000 per month as allowances to chief justice retired from a HC.

Sikkim which has a very small number of HC Judges has resolved to pay Rs 36,000 monthly allowance of to its retired chief justice and Rs 32,000 to other retired judges.

Aping Sikkim, Delhi HC has also demanded similar allowances from the Delhi Government. TOI

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