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Supreme Court to Delhi Govt: ‘Only a Bully blames others for problems’


“People are dying”, but what is your contigent of MLAs doing

SC Complex
SC Complex

Terming Delhi’s alarming garbage problem, on Friday the Apex Court asked all the concerned authorities, including AAP government, to devise a scheme for garbage’s timely disposal.

The Supreme Court objected to AAP government’s plea that its MLAs must be kept apart from sanitation drive as it’s a job of the local bodies.

“Don’t say MLAs don’t have responsibility in keeping the city clean. You have large no. of MLAs & you should ask them to spread awareness about keeping city clean,” the Supreme Court said.

The Apex Court bench said that 45 metres of height of garbage is alarming.

The Apex Court had also said that due to lack of proper disposal of the waste”People are dying”.

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