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Supreme Court comes down heavily on High Court for its ‘Shocking’ state of affairs


Delhi High Court graded its Judicial officer ‘C’ without any evidence

Supreme Court
Supreme Court

Supreme Court Bench of Justices Ranjan Gogoi and P.C Pant has today severely castigated Delhi High Court for its failure to provide proper assistance to the Court on the administrative side.

Bench was hearing a Civil Appeal filed by the Delhi High Court.

The Bench remarked that the administrative lapses of the High Court Delhi are to say the least- Shocking .

Apex Court  was dismayed over the manner in which the judicial officers are Graded.

Supreme Court found that even though there was not even a“whisper” of evidence, but still the grading of a serving Judge was remarked ‘integrity doubtful’ and was downgraded to ‘Grade-C’.

This decision was however set aside by DB on the Judicial Side.

SC has directed Registrar General to appear in person or send some Senior Officer to assist the Court.

Registry of Delhi High Court had challenged the Decision before Supreme Court.

What is however interesting to note is that the decision of division bench suggests that the ACR should be writtenn within 2 months and that there is a necessity of codified law for dealing with ACR of a judicial officer.

With the dismissal of appeal, it would be interesting to see if the Delhi High Court administration follows the suggestion and goes for expeditious process of ACRs of officers in Delhi Judicial Service and Delhi Higher Judicial Service.

Supreme Court comes down heavily on High Court for its ‘Shocking’ state of affairs by latest laws team on Scribd

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