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Speedy Justice: Modi Govt. pumps in Rs. 4100 Crore in Judiciary to set up 1800 Fast Track Courts


Pic Courtsey- Maps of India
Pic Courtsey- Maps of India

Since 2000 Fast Track Courts have disposed of 32 Lakh cases in District Courts.

To expedite the justice delivery system in cases of heinous crimes and those against women, children and elderly, Government has earmarked over Rs 4,100 crore to set up 1,800 fast-track courts.

It is one of largest allocation of funds so far to set up such special courts.

These funds will be made available to States till 2020.

The fast track courts were constituted for first time in 2000 for a period of five years with an allocation of Rs 500 crore.

The scheme was extended by another five years, and again till 2011, with additional allocation of Rs 509 crore. According to Law Ministry , at least 1,700 fast-track courts were set up by the States during first two phases.

Highest amount of money was allocated to Uttar Pradesh, which is followed by Maharashtra, Gujarat and Bihar. These four states together account for Rs 1,695 crore, or over 40% of total allocation.

According to the latest information from High Courts and the State Governments, over 32 lakh cases were disposed of by the fast track courts, out of 39 lakh transferred to them during first two phases.

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