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SC: We will not allow Citizens to become a Law unto themselves and violate our orders


“Once the Supreme Court passes orders on something, it is the obligation of the Executive and Citizens alike to obey it”


“Once the Supreme Court has passed an order it is obligatory for both the Executive and citizens to obey it”, the Apex court said today.

The bench has slammed the Karnataka Government for citing protests and public unrest and turmoil as reasons before it for seeking a modification of its September 5 order to release 15,000 cusecs of Cauvery river water from its reservoirs to a Water distressed Tamil Nadu.

A SC Bench of Justices Dipak Misra and U.U. Lalit flatley refused to agree to Karnataka’s plea to completely stop the release of water, but agreed to the extent of reducing the amount to be released from 15,000 cusecs to 12,000 cusecs a day.

The Bench directed that for the interim period, Karnataka will release 12,000 cusecs on a daily basis till September 20.

The court said it would issue further orders on the issue on September 20, the next date of hearing.

The earlier decision to direct Karnataka to part with 15,000 cusecs for the stipulated period came shortly after the court urged Karnataka to embrace the principle of “live and let live”.

It advised Karnataka to take steps to release Cauvery water to a distressed Tamil Nadu State to help the latter continue to “survive and exist as an entity”.

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  1. While respecting the order the The Hon’ble court ought to have heard the present situation and the availability of water sources. It is needless to say the water problems are there since 1907 wherein The Mysore State was with in the Presidency of Madras and all the agreements and other sources were made in favour of Tamil Nadu
    Origin of the Kaveri river is Karnataka, due shoe fall of rain the State is facing problems to supply water for drinking purposes to the 4 district. This has not been heard properly and the present situation had led to fight between two States. Both the State are burning.
    Present situation of both the States being telecasted in TV,s

  2. If Supreme Court Judges very wrong orders without application of mind who will correct the wrong orders or the citizens have also to suffer the wrong orders. Supreme Court Judges please clarify this and request Supreme Court Judges to please do not misuse the POWER of the CHAIR allotted to them. Justice Deepak Misra is also the President of Supreme Court Middle Income Group Legal Aid Society. Request Justice Deepak Misra to visit his office and pass the correct orders. Do not misuse the Power Of CHAIR

  3. As far as my experience an knowledge goes the courts are the biggest threats to rule of law in this country. Incompetent, indifferent, corrupt and arrogant judges think they are the de facto rulers of this country and not the actual public servants they ought to be!

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