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Sardar Jokes: Supreme Court says it can’t lay moral Guidelines for Citizens


Sardar Jokes
Sardar Jokes

It was ruled that the matter lies in the domain of the legislature.

On Tuesday the Apex Court refused to issue any direction on the petition seeking to ban jokes on Sikhs, saying that it’ll be impossible to implement its guidelines or order.

The Supreme Court said it cannot lay moral guidelines for the citizens over this issue.

While hearing a petition filed by lawyer Harvinder Choudhary the court said, “Sikhs are a highly respected community but you are bringing it down by fighting litigation to ban these sort of jokes”.

Harvinder Choudhary had contended that such type of jokes portray the Sikh community in a negative light, so wants such websites, which publish such ‘insensitive jokes’, to be prosecuted under laws that carry a prison term of 6 months to 5 years.

The court said that even if they issue guidelines who will eventually control it . If the jokes are a “psychological or societal phenomenon” then this matter lies in domain of the legislature, SC said.

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