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Sachin accused of using his clout to help a Businessman having Land Dispute with Army


Sachin is a frequent visitor to the Businessman’s Resort at Mussorie.

Sachin Tendulkar
Sachin Tendulkar

Sachin Tendulkar Cricketing legend has landed himself in a clearly avoidable controversy. He is alleged to have used influence over Defence Ministry’s to help his Businessman friend to resolve a dispute over a Prime Resort in Mussorie,

The Economic Times newspaper has reported that while the Rajya Sabha MP confirmed meeting Manohar Parrikar Defence Minister, he clearly denied having any ‘economic interest’ in the dispute.

Where is the Disputed Property?

The property in question is a plush resort belonging to his close friend and business partner Sanjay Narang who is a well-known restaurateur in Mumbai. He owns places like Waterstones, Pizza by the Bay and Eat Around The Corner. He has a Resort at Landour Cantonment in Mussorie by the name Dahlia Bank.

What is the issue?

The issue pertains to security dispute with the Defence Research Development Organisation (DRDO) as the popular property has breached a 50-foot no-construction zone right next to the Institute of Technology Management, an establishment of the DRDO of Indian Army.

What is the allegation?

Tendulkar is known to be a frequent visitor to the Mussorie Resort. In his attempt to help its owner rescue the resort, Sachin is reported to have set up a meeting with Manohar Parrikar Defence Minister . The ET news report claims that Tendulkar had even cut short his trip to Australia just to meet Min. Parrikar. After the meeting, the Minister is reported to have flatly declined to intervene in the matter as it involves illegal construction right next to a DRDO laboratory complex in Mussorie.

As per the Army Institute Businessman Narang had taken permission only to build tennis courts but instead he went on to construct full-fledged buildings at the site.

What is Tendulkar’s defence?

The former Indian cricketer and Bharat Rattan has now issued a statement through his personal spokesperson that he did attend the meeting and also handed over a formal written representation to the Ministry of Defence on the pending land dispute regarding some structural development undertaken in Landour by Narang.

Tendulkar has stated that the prevailing land laws should be upheld and also a fair opportunity be given to all parties concerned to present their points of view.

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