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  1. I agree with Ted that procedural lagnauge about demurrers, cross-claims, summary judgment, JNOV, etc., can be confusing to brand-new 1Ls, but I don’t know if these students will be helped by having a bunch of CivPro dumped on them in an otherwise concise how-to. They’ll get to that in a few weeks.This is excellent. The only thing I would add is a caveat that this method of reading cases is one of many, and while it’s probably the most natural and straightforward, it won’t be the best for everyone. When I was in law school, I found that going to the disposition first sometimes clarified the rest of the opinion.Incidentally, this practice carried over into my clerkship. I always put the disposition in the opening paragraph: Defendant Jones has asked the Court to exclude from evidence fifty grams of cocaine seized by police from his automobile during a vaild traffic stop. Because the cocaine was in plain view, the motion is denied.

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