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‘Rape leaves a permanent scar on Child Victim’ : High Court, Read Judgment


The victim was only seven years old child when this gruesome and abhorring act was committed, said High Court.

Child Rape Victim gets Scarred for Life
Child Rape Victim gets Scarred for Life

High Court of Delhi has expounded that the “abhorring act” leaves a “permanent scar” on the personality of a child victim which hinders her growth while rejecting  a man’s plea against the 10-year jail term which was awarded to him for raping a seven-year-old girl in 1996.

High Court further enunciated that the child victim had narrated the entire incident succinctly ad precisely before the trial court during recording of her statement and thus there are no reasons to warrant imposition of a lesser sentence upon the accused keeping in view the brutality of the crime.

The Trial Court had awarded to Mr. Nath, a 10 year jail term along with a fine of amount Rs 18,000 under section 376(2)(f) (raping a woman below 12-year-old) of IPC.

The High Court of Delhi, dismissed the appeal and  also directed him to surrender before trial court while taking into consideration that his sentence was suspended and he was released on bail in November 2000.

Read Full Text of Judgment Here-

Delhi High Court on No Mercy to Convict in Child Rape Case

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