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PMO silent on CJI’s unprecedented jibe on Red Fort speech, but Congress and Kejirwal admires him


Congress reacts, What CJI said is Unprecedented yet starkly true.

PMO Adopts Wait and Watch to CJI's Barb
PMO Adopts Wait and Watch to CJI’s Barb

Congress today seized the opportunity to attack PM Modi yet again.

This time it took on the issue of PMO’s silence on Chief Justice of India TS Thakur’s disappointment over Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s silence on Judiciary’s problems in his Independence Day speech.

Congress said that PM should heed to the advice of Country’S top Judge.

While Congress maintained that Justice Thakur’s remarks on the Prime Minister’s speech were “unprecedented yet starkly true.”

“CJI has questioned PM Modi for deafening silence on judicial system logjam in his I-Day speech from Red Fort. It is Unprecedented yet starkly true,” Congress spokesperson wrote on Twitter.

Congress said Prime Minister should heed the Chief Justice’s advice and should refrain from doing petty politics on this important issue.

“While 125 Crore Indians demand a commitment to a fair and efficient justice system on I-Day Modi Ji! Please heed to the CJI’s advice and Play no petty politics.”

” Govt. has stalled 75 names of HC judges cleared by SC; MoP has been thwarted. This is Deliberate obstruction to justice by an obstinate PM,” tweets read.

Kejirwal also reacted through Twitter to praise the CJI.

Also Delhi chief minister and AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal reacting on CJI’s “admired” the CJI for his “courage”

His Tweets said that he really really admire CJI’s for his courage, conviction and his concern for Justice in the Country.

Earlier while displaying his apparent unhappiness, CJI Thakur had said that he want to tell the Prime Minister that it is only one thing that you try to remove poverty, create more employment, bring welfare schemes etc but you should also think about ensuring Justice for the countrymen.”

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  1. rajendra prasad sah

    The way the judiciary has worked post independence , it has left far behind the monarchism. These self claimed men have only increased family employment in the name of delivery of justice. They have hardly cared for administration of justice. Once appointed through Jugar Mechanism whether one works or not, no body is there to take care of. Swelling of pending cases are not only on account of vacancies but also on account of nepotism in appointment of judges who comparatively fail to cope with the changing demand of delivery of justice. Gossip in bar has been that the performing judges are being discouraged by the groups of non performers in majority to move slow. The country expects a transparent mechanism in the appointment of judges so that only efficient and performing judges occupy the chair. Judiciary as well should practice democratic norms as they preach for others.

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