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PM Narendra Modi 9th most powerful person in the World: Forbes

​​November,8,2015:Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been ranked as the world’s ninth most powerful person by Forbes magazine in a 2015 list which is topped by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Mr. Modi was placed 14th in the 2014 Forbes list of world’s powerful people.

Forbes while releasing the list today at the same time said governing 1.2 billion people in India requires more than “shaking hands” and that Mr. Modi must pass his party BJP’s reform agenda and keep “fractious opposition” under control.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is at the second spot followed by US President Barack Obama (third) and Pope Francis (fourth) and Chinese President Xi Jinping (fifth).

Apart from Mr. Modi who is at the ninth position, others in the top ten are Microsoft Founder Bill Gates at the sixth place, US Federal Reserve Chairperson Janet Yellen (7), UK Prime Minister David Cameron (8) and Google’s Larry Page(10)

About Mr. Modi, the magazine said that India’s “populist” Prime Minister presided over 7.4 per cent GDP growth in his first year in office, and “raised his profile” as a global leader during official visits with Barack Obama and Xi Jinping.

“A barnstorming tour of Silicon Valley reinforced his nation’s massive importance in tech. But governing 1.2 billion people requires more than shaking hands: Now Modi must pass his party’s reform agenda and keep fractious opposition under control,” it said.

To compile the list of world’s most powerful people, the magazine said it considered hundreds of candidates from various walks of life all around the globe, and measured their power along four dimensions. They are whether the candidate has power over lots of people, financial resources controlled by each person, whether the candidate is powerful in multiple spheres and whether the candidates actively used their power.

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  Rank Name Organization Age
#1 Vladimir Putin Russia 63
#2 Angela Merkel Germany 61
#3 Barack Obama United States 54
#4 Pope Francis Roman Catholic Church 78
#5 Xi Jinping China 62
#6 Bill Gates Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation 60
#7 Janet Yellen Washington, United States 69
#8 David Cameron United Kingdom 49
#9 Narendra Modi India 65
#10 Larry Page Google 42
#11 Mario Draghi European Central Bank 68
#12 Li Keqiang China 60
#13 Warren Buffett Berkshire Hathaway 85
#14 Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud 79
#15 Carlos Slim Helu América Móvil 75
#16 Francois Hollande France 61
#17 Jeff Bezos Amazon.com 51
#18 Ali Hoseini-Khamenei Iran 76
#19 Mark Zuckerberg Facebook 31
#20 Jamie Dimon JPMorgan Chase 59
#21 Benjamin Netanyahu Israel 66
#22 Jack Ma 51
#23 Christine Lagarde International Monetary Fund 59
#24 Jeffrey Immelt General Electric 59
#25 Rex Tillerson Exxon Mobil 63
#26 Lloyd Blankfein Goldman Sachs Group 61
#27 Tim Cook Apple 55
#28 Akio Toyoda Toyota Motor 59
#29 Charles Koch Koch Industries 80
#29 David Koch Koch Industries 75
#30 Sergey Brin Google 42
#31 Li Ka-shing CK Hutchison Holdings 87
#32 Doug McMillon Wal-Mart Stores 49
#33 Jay Y. Lee Samsung Group 47
#34 Larry Fink BlackRock 63
#35 Rupert Murdoch News Corp 84
#36 Mukesh Ambani Reliance Industries 58
#37 Dilma Rousseff Brazil 67
#38 Elon Musk Space Exploration Technologies Corp. 44
#39 Khalifa bin Zayed Al-Nahyan United Arab Emirates 67
#40 Ban Ki-moon United Nations 71
#41 Shinzo Abe Japan 61
#42 Ding Xuedong China 55
#43 Park Geun-hye South Korea 63
#44 Michael Bloomberg Bloomberg 73
#45 Jim Yong Kim World Bank 55
#46 Kim Jong-un North Korea 32
#47 Igor Sechin Rosneft 55
#48 Ma Huateng 44
#49 Abdel el-Sisi Egypt 60
#50 Haruhiko Kuroda Japan 71
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