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PM Modi: Just give me 50 days, I will loot the Black Money accumulated over 70 years, as Nation needs it for the Poor


The Powers I have hurt will try to destroy me, said PM Modi.


While peaking at a Public function near Panaji in Goa, PM Modi has said that the current demonetisation drive is just the begining of a long drawn war on Black Money.

It is definitely not the end of his ongoing campaign against corruption and black money. His Govt. is working on other similar projects to totally curb the spread of all the unaccounted money.

He said that he knows what kind of powers he has taken on in this war. He knows about the kind of people who will be against him now. He is looting what they had accumulated over 70 years.

PM warned that these powers will not leave him alive. They will destroy him. He said, ‘Let them do what they want. The country should just help me for 50 days.”

PM stressed that this is definitely not the end or a full stop. In order to stop dishonesty and corruption in the country he has many such projects in mind.

All this is being done for the poor and honest people. This is for all those who are working hard to survive. Govt will ensure that they get their own home, their children get good education and so that their parents get care.

Prime Minister also laid the foundation stone of two major infrastructure projects in Goa.

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