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Nurses up in arms against ‘Vulgarity’ in Kapil Sharma’s new Comedy Show, plans to sue him


Nursing Union is now planning to file a defamation case against Kapil Sharma.

'Vulgarity' in Kapil Sharma's new Comedy Show
‘Vulgarity’ in Kapil Sharma’s new Comedy Show

Nurses from several Medical Colleges and Hospitals at Amritsar are up in arms and have launched an agitation against Kapil Sharma.

They are angry with the comedian for projecting Medical Nurses in a “vulgar” manner on his comedy show.

They have also filed a complaint against him, at a local police station.

The protesting nurses and nursing students also raised slogans against former Lok Sabha BJP MP from Amritsar Navjot Singh Sidhu for being part of it.

State general secretary, Punjab Nursing Association,Raj Bedi objected Sidhu for being part of a show like this which demeans a noble Profession.

How can he laugh at the medical profession, when his wife Navjot Kaur Sidhu is herself a doctor.

“We are an indispensable part of Medical community have a reasonable expectation from Sidhu ji would not support such mindless and vulgar jokes. This program objectifies the Nurses,” Bedi added.

The protesting Nursing union is now planning to file a defamation case in the Court against the program.

Sukhwinder Sohi a Nurse who is also protesting has remarked,“Doing comedy is all right but demeaning a great profession is quite objectionable,”

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  1. the same indians have no objection to “half porn” movies and alleged”vulgarity” in movies? Same nurses would sing :”baby doll mein sone di ” and have no objection to half naked Sunny Leoni. Indian movies must be sanitized. as well.

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