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Nokia sues Apple in 11 countries for 40 Patent Violations. Here is Why?



Tense negotiations between the two companies in the last two to three years have failed.

Finnish Company Nokia Corp has filed the lawsuits against the IT Leader Apple Inc in about 11 countries for about over 40 patents covering technologies such as displays, software and chip-sets, in what can only be reminiscent of Apple-Samsung battle.

Nokia in its statement stated that on Wednesday it was suing Apple Inc, accusing the iPhone maker for violating 32 technology patents. Finnish Telecoms equipment maker has said that it had now filed 40 patent suits.

Nokia, which was largest cellphone maker before being decimated by Apple and other Android handset makers, believes that iPhone wouldn’t have been possible without it sharing its patents with Apple for royalty for the last few years.

Nokia claimed that it had filed patents after putting in a lot of investment into the research which it thinks need to come back from Apple.

Contract between Nokia and Apple that was scripted about five years ago is about to expire on December 31,2016. Apple has paid royalties during the last five years but Nokia wants Apple Inc. to keep paying for it along with the licensing other additional patents that the Finnish company came up with.

However, Apple in its statement stated that Nokia’s demand qualify as extortion. And refused to pay anything. But lawsuits are result of tense negotiations going on since two to three years.

Florian Mueller, a German iPhone App Developer,“Obviously, iPhone was not created on the green field but was built on what others created before Apple”.

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