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Modi Govt releases new ‘Metro Rail Policy, 2017’ to minimise use of Private Vehicles, Read Text

September 17,2017:

This policy was approved by the Union Cabinet last month.

Metro Rail Policy
Metro Rail Policy

Union Urban Development Minister Hardeep Singh Puri has released New Metro Rail Policy that focuses on minimising use of the personal motorised transport and provides “useful guidance on making viable metro rail proposals”.

Metro Rail Policy, 2017

Expressing concern over the poor public transport infrastructure in the cities, Puri has stressed on need for integrated land use and transport planning with the objective of promoting compact and dense urban development to minimise the use of the personal motorised transport.

He further added that,”It is difficult to imagine Delhi without Metro Rail which is now carrying about 30 lakh passengers each day”.

Minister’s observation came at the National dissemination workshop on the New Metro Rail Policy that was attended by the Senior Officials from the different states and Chief Executives of the Metro Rail Corporations from across country.

New Metro Rail Policy provides the useful guidance on making the viable metro rail proposals. Sanctioning an unviable proposal tends to pull down entire system of a city.

He noted that while developed countries are going back to the cycles, developing countries like India are still relying more on the cars.

Noting that there were 825 million cars in world in the year 2010 and this is expected to rise to 1,600 million in the year 2035 and to 2,100 million in the year 2050 with potential of bringing cities to a grinding halt, he added.

Expressing concern over what he called “crisis-like situation” with regard to the urban mobility, Puri urged all States to set up Unified Metropolitan Transport Authorities (UMTA) in all 53 cities with over million population to ensure the integration among all the modes of the transport on the regional basis.

Minister has noted that only 14 cities have set up UMTA so far though National Urban Transport Policy in 2006 prescribed it.

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