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Modi Govt. blinks as Five High Courts get new Chief Justices


SC was assured by Govt. that appointment of Judges is its ‘topmost priority’


Just Two days ago Government had assured the Supreme Court that it is giving “topmost priority” to appointment of Judges to the High Courts.

Now five new Chief Justices have been appointed to the State High Courts of Kerala, Calcutta, Sikkim, Tripura and Manipur.

After a much-anticipated wait for filling up burgeoning judicial vacancies, the senior most Judges of these five High Courts have been elevated as Chief Justices.  Vacant posts have reached well over 480 in High Courts across the Nation.

Calcutta High Court will have its new Chief as Justice Girish Chandra Gupta. After Justice Manjula Chellur was transferred as Chief Justice of Bombay High Court the post was vacant.

Kerala High Court now has Justice Shantanagoudar Mohan Mallikarjunagouda, as its new Chief Justice, he was Acting Chief Justice there. Sikkim High Court’s Acting Chief, Justice Satish Kumar Agnihotri, has been confirmed as the High Court’s Chief Justice.

Tripura and Manipur High Courts, have Justices Tinlianthang Vaiphei and Rakesh Ranjan respectively as Chief Justices.

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