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Khaitan & Co promotes 7 of its Principal Associates to non-equity partner

October 30, 2018:

Khaitan & Co.
Khaitan & Co.

Khaitan & Co has promoted 7 of its Principal Associates to non-equity partner level, though formally the firm has abolished the associate partner designation to help its young partners in brand-building and to externally present a more unified partnership.

Executive director Amar Sinhji explained,“The firm has decided to do away with the ‘associate partner’ designation in keeping with global trends of partnership.”

The firm has now promoted the following 7 to ‘partner’ tag, though technically they would still be salaried partners.


Dipen Chatterjee, corporate, Calcutta University LLB


Akshay Bhargav, corporate, Bangalore University LLB
Devendra Deshmukh, real estate, Mumbai University LLB
Harsh Parikh, real estate, GLC Mumbai LLB


Aseem Chaturvedi, dispute resolution, GGSIP Delhi LLB
Ayush Mehrotra, indirect tax, GGSIP Delhi LLB
Shruti Singh, corporate, Nalsar Hyderabad LLB

As of April 2018, Khaitan had 124 partners in total, out of whom 91 were equity and 36 were of salaried partner level.

He said,“This move will help us show a single unified face of our partnership & help our young partners in building a brand early & enable stronger buy-in from clients.”

Sinhji explained that all partners at Khaitan would soon be called partners.

He said,“However not all partners would hold equity. That is a matter of performance and progression once he/she becomes a partner.”

He added,“This move will help us show a single unified face of our partnership and help our young partners in building a brand early and enable stronger buy-in from clients. This change will add much more value to the overall partnership.”

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