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Will Amazon be able to end the Sale of Counterfeit Products on its Website?

August 14,2018:

Beverly Hill Polo Club clothing brand inspired by luxury and heritage of Hollywood Beverly Hills, California has dragged the online shopping giant Amazon Seller Service Pvt. Ltd. India to the High Court.

Amazon VS BHP
Amazon VS BHP

Beverly Hill Polo Club filed a case against Amazon Seller Services saying that some of its sellers were involved in selling counterfeit products, those being apparels, accessories and fragrances on its website www.amazon.in

Before dragging Amazon to the court, Beverly Hills Polo had sent a legal notice to Amazon pointing out the above issue, and Amazon made bogus claims to remove some of the URLs but subsequently, fresh links were soon seen on the Amazon site again. On its defence, Amazon spokesperson said in an email, without mentioning the Beverly Hill Polo case, “Amazon has zero tolerance for counterfeit”.

He also mentioned that they remove suspected duplicate items as soon as they take the notice of it, and suspend or block counterfeiters accused of engaging in illegal behaviour or infringing on other’s intellectual property rights. This case was filed by Lifestyle Equities CV, A major brand that operates franchisee outlets of Beverly Hill Polo Club in cities like New Delhi and Mumbai.

On the ruling of 16th, July 2018 Delhi High Court expounded that, “Defendant shall remove forthwith from its platform any URLs which are pointed out by the plaintiff which are selling products in violation of the plaintiff’s intellectual property right.”

In addition, Delhi High Court passed an order according to which Amazon had to de-list some sellers on its platform.

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Read HC Order @LatestLaws.com:

Delhi HC Judgement in Beverely Hills Polo Trademark Infringement Case (Download PDF)


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