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This HC has decided to send SMS to Judges if old cases are adjourned for more than a week

March 11,2018:

Registrar General added that efforts are being made to reduce the backlog, which is believed to be hampering routine court proceedings and further delaying the process of imparting justice.

Judicial Backlog
Judicial Backlog

Gujarat HC in order to reduce its massive backlog and make the judicial officers more accountable, has devised an Automated Alerts System for the judges of lower judiciary.

If the judicial officers adjourn a case which has been pending for five years or more, for longer than seven days, they will get an SMS from the High Court, reminding them to take care of the old case as soon as possible.

According to HC’s Registrar General, P R Patel, all the judges of lower judiciary have been instructed to not adjourn old cases those pending for more than five years for longer than a week.

They must insist on completion of the hearings expeditiously. If a judge defers such a case for more than a week, the next morning he will get a reminder on his mobile phone via a system generated SMS. Each judge will also get a list of such adjourned cases.

In Gujarat’s Lower Courts, there are still 15,95,011 cases pending. Of these, 2,44,657 (15.34%) cases are pending with district, magisterial and civil courts for more than a decade. There are 2.63,119 (16.5%) cases pending for a period between five and ten years. Across India, there are 22,57,996 cases pending before the lower judiciary for more than 10 years.

They represent 8.52% of all cases pending in the lower courts. There are 42,42,425 (16.01%) cases pending before lower courts for more than five years.


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