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This Former High Court Judge has joined the Congress Party to fight against ‘Fascist Forces, Communalism’

June 13, 2018:

On Tuesday, Retired Allahabad HC Judge, Justice Abhay Thipsay joined Congress Party.

Justice Abhay Thipsay
Justice Abhay Thipsay

Former Bombay HC Judge, Justice Thipsay met Congress President Rahul Gandhi and stated that the meeting was “very good”.

He told Indian Express that,“It is important to stand up to fascist forces, communalism under the garb of aggressive nationalism, scripting false history, loss of scientific temper and constitutional principles should be kept intact. It is impossible to do that single-handedly”.

Justice Thipsay further added that,“This is the biggest and the oldest national party, and I felt it was necessary to have a platform.”

His role in the party has however not yet been carved out, but Justice Thipsay made it clear that he will not get into electoral politics.

He stated that,”Ambition can be fulfilled by joining the ruling party, and there was enough opportunity to do that. But if you believe in something, there can be no compromise”.

Justice Thipsay, had presided over four bail applications in the 2005 Sohrabuddin Shaikh alleged fake encounter case, had pointed out several inconsistencies in the case. He had stated that Bombay HC must exercise its powers of revision, even suo motu if necessary, to re-look at the case.

Before his elevation to the Bombay HC, Justice Thipsay had served as a judge of City Civil and Sessions Court and presided over Vadodara Best Bakery Retrial, a case also transferred to Mumbai from Gujarat.

In February 2006, he had convicted nine and acquitted eight accused in the case. Fourteen people were killed when a mob set fire to Best Bakery on March 1, 2002, during Gujarat Riots.

Justice Thipsay is also an Internationally-rated Chess player and Coach.

Source Indian Express


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