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Supreme Court lauds Central Govt. on installation of CCTVs in Tribunals

February 13,2018:

Supreme Court has asked Central Government and respective High Court’s to explore possibility of installation of the CCTV’s in the State Tribunals and Quasi-Judicial bodies.

Supreme Court
Supreme Court

On Tuesday, Supreme Court expressed its satisfaction at progress made by Central Govt. in relation to the installation of the CCTVs in various Tribunals.

Apex Court Bench of Justice AK Goel and Justice UU Lalit, while is hearing the case, was apprised by ASG Pinky Anand regarding progress made by Central Govt. in this regard

After hearing ASG Pinky Anand and perusing the status report submitted by her, SC Bench remarked,“Great work”.

Supreme Court Bench further enquired about the possibility of installing the CCTV’s in the quasi-judicial bodies and the State tribunals.

Amicus Curiae Sidharth Luthra in the matter raiser certain issue like identity of victims coming to court, protected witnesses, conduct of in-camera proceedings, ensuring that CCTV recordings are not leaked.

The Bench went on to record the submissions made by Luthra while directing the respective High Courts to look into the same.

Supreme Court Bench will now hear the matter on April 4,2018.

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