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LatestLaws.com Partner Event: 5th VIPS International Law Moot Court Competition 2018 (Oct 12-14, Delhi): Prizes Worth ₹60K; Registration Date Extended to 30th Aug

August 1, 2018:

Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies, Law School, proudly announces its paramount annual event, 5th VIPS International Law Moot Court Competition, to be held from 12th-14th October, 2018. The moot court problem is based on contemporary issues in the context of Public International Law and International Humanitarian Law.

LatestLaws.com is Proud Media Partner for the VIPS International Law Moot Court Competition, 2018.


5th VIPS International Law Moot Court Competition 2018 to be held on 12th – 14th October, 2018.

VIPS International Moot Court Competition
VIPS International Moot Court Competition

Extended Deadline for Team Registration

30th August, 2018

Deadline for Memorial Submission

15th September, 2018


Interested teams are required register formally by sending the following information latest by 15th August, 2018 through e-mail with the subject “Registration- 5th VIPS IMC 2018” at internationalmoot@vips.edu

  1. Name of the Institution or University
  2. Correspondence of Institution or University

iii. Details of Participants:

Speaker 1: Full Name, Contact, E-mail

Speaker 2: Full Name, Contact, E-mail

Researcher (if any): Full Name, Contact, E-mail

Registration Fee

₹5000/- (Five thousand INR) for each participating team consisting of 3 or 2 members, as the case may be, to be submitted through Demand Draft or Cheque.

The teams upon acknowledgement of registration are required to send a scanned copy of the Registration Form (PDF Format only) duly signed and sealed by the Head of the Institution or Department along with the scanned copy of Demand Draft or Cheque drawn in favour of “Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies Law School” latest by 15th August, 2018 on internationalmoot@vips.edu.


Dr. Deepti Kohli, Associate Professor, Faculty Convener
Contact: +919899710439/ deepti.kohli@vips.edu

Chirag Alagh, Student Convener: +91-9911444800


Official Website: Click Here. 

Full Brochure:  Click Here. 

Official Schedule: Click Here. 

Moot Preposition: Click Here. 

Rules and Regulations: Click Here.

Registration Form: Click Here.

Travel Plan: Click Here. 

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