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LatestLaws.com Partner Event: 2nd Amity National ADR Tournament,2018 (27-28, September, Noida), Register By: 15th September

September 13,2018:

About the Tournament

The concept of Alternative Dispute Redressal (ADR) is that it provides a substitute to the conventional methods of resolving disputes. ADR offers to resolve various types of matters including civil, commercial, industrial and family etc., where litigation takes years to settle the disputes. ADR provides the parties with a channel to initiate a dialogue and reach the settlement expeditiously and cost-effectively.

LatestLaws.com is Proud Exclusive Legal Partner for 2nd Amity National ADR

Alternative Dispute Redressal Tournament consists of the following competitions under its fold-

Mediation-Arbitration & Arbitral Award Writing Competition: The Med-Arb Competition is a hybrid of Mediation and Arbitration. In the initial phase, the presiding neutral third-party acts as a mediator and coaches (or) encourages the parties towards a settlement. In the shadow of Med-Arb, the participants first, try and resolve the dispute through mediation, failing which the parties adopt the process of arbitration. Further, this is for the first time that a participant will be writing the award after attending the proceedings. Till date, no Moot Court Competition or any Competition has come up with this concept.

Negotiation Competition: In Negotiation competition, each team shall consist of an attorney and a client who will negotiate with the differing party in the most adept manner. Here where two parties in a conflict or dispute reach a settlement between themselves that they can both agree on. Negotiations are reached through discussions made between the representatives of the parties without any involvement of the third party.

Client Counseling Competition: The competitors conduct an initial interview with a person playing the role of the client and then address both the client’s legal and non-legal issues in Client Counseling Competition.

27th and 28th September 2018

Amity Law School, I-Block, Noida, Sector- 125, U.P.

The main objective of the tournament is to explore the various aspects of dispute resolution, understand its intricacies and receive a more practical understanding of the alternate methods of dispute settlement out of court, which will ultimately promote the various mechanisms of ADR. It seeks to encourage the students to bring out their latent talents, providing them with a learning experience and building their competitive spirit.

Cash prizes worth Rs. 65,000

The registration fee is Rs. 1500/- for each participant (Exclusive of Accommodation Fee which shall be Rs. 500/- per participant).

Registration Requirements

Documents- Registration form, Demand draft, and Travel form

Soft copy to be sent to adrt2018alsn@gmail.com latest by 4th September, 2018.

Registration fees must be sent via demand draft in favor of Amity University, Uttar Pradesh, payable at Noida.

Further, the required documents must be sent to (by post or courier) Dr. Aditya Tomer, Addl. Director, Amity Law School, I-3 404, Amity University, Sector-125, Noida, Uttar Pradesh-201303

Important Dates

Last Date of Submission of Registration Form, DD and Travel Form (Softcopy)- 08th September 2018
Last Date of Submission of Registration, Travel Form and DD (Hardcopy)- 10th September 2018
Release of Negotiation Problem for Preliminary Round- 12th September 2018
Last date to seek clarification with respect to the Released Problem- 15th September 2018
Release of Clarifications of Negotiation Problem- 17th September 2018
Last date for submission of the Negotiation Simulation (Softcopy)- 20th September 2018
Last date for submission of the Negotiation Simulation (Hardcopy)- 24th September 2018

For any further clarification Contact:

Faculty Convener(s)-

  1. Ms. Priyanka Ghai

+91 9315363885

  1. Dr.Komal Vig

+91 9999978829

  1. Ms. Gargi Bhadoria

+91 9899791748

Student Convenor and Student Co-Convenor

Deeksha Aggarwal and Kumar Manglam

+91 8860243343 +91 8929853041

Important Links @LatestLaws.com:

To Read Brochure, Click Here

To Register, Scan the QR Code (Last Date of Registration is 15th September,2018)

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