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LatestLaws.com & Golden Antlers present Workshop on “Excel in Art of Drafting Commercial Contracts” (3rd September,2018, New Delhi) Hurry Last Few Slots Left. Register Now!!

September 1, 2018:

LatestLaws.com and Golden Antlers present Workshop on “Excel in Drafting of Commercial Contracts” along with Knowledge Partner CorpCommLegal.


LatestLaws.com, is one of the leading legal websites in India which provides the user with daily legal updates, legal articles, largest free downloadable database of Central and State Bare Acts, Law Commission of India Reports and much more. Latest Laws Facebook Page has more than 1.60 Lakh followers world over.

Golden Antlers specialises in providing knowledge dissemination services, through seminars, workshops, trainings, events etc. The Advisory Board of Golden Antlers consists of very prominent and distinguished members of the legal fraternity, who guides the team to strengthen the vision, and improve its services, thereby helping it to provide quality knowledge sharing platforms to professionals and students.


LatestLaws.com and Golden Antlers are organising a workshop on “Excel in Art of Drafting Commercial Contracts” to help Legal Professionals and Law Students sharpen their legal contract drafting skills and achieve next level of proficiency with Mr. Bhumesh Verma, Founder and Manager of CorpCommLegal.

The Participants for the Workshop will be getting Participation Certificate. The Certificates will be signed by Faculty for the Workshop and the authorised signatories on behalf of LatestLaws.com, Golden Antlers.

Number of Seats
Last Few Seats are left. Hurry, Register Now!!

For Registering for the Workshop: Click Here

Dates and Timings
Monday, 3rd September, 2018: 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM

Major learnings in the workshop

  •  What difference does skilful legal drafting of commercial contracts make?
  •  What does a client / your employer expect to achieve from a contract?
  • How can you safeguard the interests of your clients / company?
  • If and how to work with sample templates?
  • How to be proactive and not reactive?
  • How to read between the lines?
  • How to determine essential components of a contract.

Layout of the workshop

The Participants will learn how to decipher and draft different critical clauses for fool proof contract. They will learn and appreciate the relevance behind each word in clauses to make their drafting to the point, sharp and precise.

Itinerary and Syllabus – 3rd September
, 2018 (Monday):  2:00 PM to 5:00 P

1.        Why is drafting required
2.      Perceptions / misconceptions about Drafting Skills

3.      What should one do before drafting a contract

4.      What does a contract actually do

5.      Different types of Contracts

6.      Essential components of contracts

7.      Creating a contract clause-by-clause

8.      Balancing a draft

9.      Do’s and don’ts

There will be 1 tea breaks of 10 and at the end of the Workshop there will be High Tea.


The sessions will be led by Mr. Bhumesh Verma, Founder & Managing Partner at Corp Comm. Legal.He is one of the most recognised Indian corporate lawyers, having been a partner at some of best Indian law firms in the past. He figures in the India Business Law Journal (IBLJ) A List – Top 100 Indian Lawyers. Besides legal practice, he is a well-known figure in academic world, having authored more than 200 articles and 2 very successful books on Drafting of Commercial Contracts. He is a guest faculty with leading law and management institutions.


India International Centre Lodhi Estate, 40, Max Mueller Marg, Lodhi Gardens, Lodhi Estate, New Delhi,110003


For Students: INR 799*

For Professionals: INR 999*,
*Includes Registration, Workshop Kit Fee, Refreshments and Certificate


Limited Number of seats are available. Selected on a first-come-first-serve basis. Block your seat by registering.

For Registering for the Workshop: Click Here


In case you have any questions, feel free to call us on +918920383947 or +91 9650081549 or write to info@latestlaws.com

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