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Know Why Delhi University’s Law Faculty was constrained to withdraw Results of Post-Graduate Law Entrance Test?

July 11, 2018:

On Wednesday,  Delhi University’s Law Faculty was flooded with complaints of irregularities in its results for Post-Graduate Entrance Test, which forced it to withdraw it within an hour of publishing it on its website.

Faculty of Law, DU
Faculty of Law, DU

Results for Entrance Test conducted online on June 18 was published at 11 am on Wednesday and was taken down an hour later when many students alleged receiving less than expected marks and many others were unable to find their names in the list.

Shilpi one of student who took the test told IANS that,“The results were announced at 11 am but many students found that they had scored way less marks than expected. I myself scored at least 25-30 marks less. Moreover, there were many whose names were not in the list, nor were students ranked properly. “One hour later the results were taken down from the website without any intimation of when they will be released later”.

This was the first time that Law Faculty had chosen to go online to conduct its entrance test, which was held at a number of centres mostly private institutes across the city.

Even after the exam, students had raised issues at the shoddiness in the manner it was conducted and how many students were allowed cheating openly.

Students had also complained of technical glitches and slow Internet while taking the exam.

On of the students stated that,“There’s been a spate of issues since the day the exam was conducted. Even then students had complained of other students being given extra time and raised questions about the fairness of the exercise. This clearly shows DU cannot handle online mode”.

Results which are now taken down are anyway delayed by a week and were originally scheduled to be declared on July 4.

Source Hindustan Times

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  1. Yes am also facing this issue.i got less mrks nearly 35_40marks please evaluate it perfectly.this is really ashamed of Delhi University.

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