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Judge observes Sit-in Protest against mounting pile of garbage in Public Market, Authorities swing into Action

June 13, 2018:

On Tuesday, a Sub-Judge of Ernakulam, Kerala, who is currently Secretary of District Legal Services Authority chose to take direct action to resolve a long-standing Waste Management issue in the Ernakulam Public Market.

Judge AM Basheer
Judge AM Basheer                                             Pic Source: The New Indian Express

Judge AM Basheer, performed a unique sit-in protest in Ernakulam Public Market.

Protest was made in front of a huge pile of garbage in Public Market, which had been plaguing the area for several days.

Judge was acting on a Public Complaint regarding failure of Corporation to remove the waste.

With the onset of monsoon, waste pile posed a major public health hazard.

Judge’s sit-in protest sent alarm signals to Cochin Corporation, which immediately acted with sanitation team arriving with the lorries and JCBs.

Judge Basheer stated that,”I had decided that I won’t leave the place till the waste was removed and I trust it was a wise decision as the authorities concerned were quick to come into action”.

Judge Basheer also plans to conduct an Adalat for 212 shops that allegedly function without the licences and to conduct a thorough revamp here. Repairing lightings and maintenance and use of Biogas plant will also be looked into.

Judge Basheer had been visiting the market as part of ‘Clean Ernakulam city’ project of Legal Services Authority when he saw the huge dump in the market.

He stated that,”I was shocked. It seems people are under the belief that this is a dump yard and not a market. Even when I was standing here, I saw a vehicle coming in to dump waste. From what we understand, it is the vehicle of Corporation and they have been using this area as a common dump yard”.

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