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High Court declines to relax ban on Sale of Thermocol Decorative items for Ganesh Chaturthi Festival

July 13, 2018:

On Friday, Bombay HC declined to relax the ban on sale of decoration items made of thermocol for use in the forthcoming Ganesh Chaturthi festival in Maharashtra.

Single use Plastic is choking the Planet
Single use Plastic is choking the Planet

HC’s Division Bench comprising of Justice A S Oka and Justice Riyaz Chagla dismissed a petition filed by Thermocol Fabricator and Decoration Association, seeking relaxation of the ban only for this year’s Ganesh festival to be celebrated in September.

Manufacture and use of a large number of plastic and thermocol items have been banned in Maharashtra.

Petition claimed Association’s members would suffer huge financial losses if decoration material made of thermocol is not permitted to be sold in the market.

Association further submitted an undertaking stating they will themselves dispose of the material.

State Government opposed the petition and said the last day to dispose of the banned items was June 23. Despite this, Petitioner (the association) did not dispose of their material and instead kept it as it is and is now seeking relaxation.

Bombay HC expounded that it cannot ignore the government’s arguments, made during hearing on petitions challenging the plastic and thermocol ban, that 1,200 tonnes of plastic waste is generated each day and there is no proper scientific provision for its disposal.

HC Judge, Justice Oka stated that,”In our earlier order refusing to stay implementation of manufacture, sale and use of plastic and thermocol items, we had observed the court cannot ignore the adverse effects of plastic waste on environment”.

High Court refused to accept the association’s undertaking that it would take back the sold thermocol material and dispose them of after the festival.

Over the years, thermocol items are extensively used to decorate Ganpati pandals (temporary structures set up to keep Lord Ganesh idols).

On March 23, 2018 the government issued a notification, imposing a ban on manufacture, use, sale, distribution and storage of all plastic materials like one-time use bags, spoons, plates, PET and PETE bottles and also thermocol items.

Notification was challenged in the HC by plastic, PET bottle and thermocol manufacturers and retailer associations on the grounds the ban was arbitrary, bad in law and violates their fundamental right to livelihood.

In April, the same bench declined to stay the notification.

Notification gave three months (till June 23) to the manufacturers, distributors and retailers to dispose of the existing stock of prohibited items.

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