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CLAT 2018 Fiasco: SC suggests setting up of Nodal Agency to examine grievances of Candidates & offer Redressal

May 24,2018:

On Thursday, Supreme Court Vacation Bench comprising of Justice A. M. Khanwilkar and Justice Navin Sinha while hearing writ petitions seeking quashing of CLAT-2018 and praying for a retest, suggested setting up of a nodal agency to examine grievances of candidates on a case to case basis and offer redressal.

Supreme Court
Supreme Court

Apex Court Bench has asked Senior Advocate V.Giri and Advocate Karthik who appeared for National University of Advanced Legal Studies (NUALS, Kochi) to reply tomorrow on this suggestion.

SC Bench has restrained the High Courts seized by similar matters from proceeding therewith.

Supreme Court has assured the petitioners, “whatever problems you have mentioned in your Representation shall be looked into on a case-to-case basis by some authority,if something remains, then we shall see.”

Apex Court has asked the respondents, including the organizing college NUALS, Kochi and its CLAT Core Committee to attempt to effect a feasible solution by Friday.

Senior Advocate appearing on behalf of  NUALS, Kochi submitted that 54,464 candidates had taken the examination at 252 centres across 65 cities in India.

To this SC Bench inquired, “forget these 7 petitioners, how do you resolve the problems pertaining to all the other cases…you have simply rejected their Representations…that is not enough…these are factual matters where facts have to be analysed and a report may be given…”

Bench further added that,”When such a dispute arises, is there any inbuilt mechanism for redressal by some authority or forum? Can you provide one so that each case is examined and a solution effected if there is actually an issue?”.

Apex Court asked Senior Advocate Giri to have a wholesome, workable solution by Friday to which he replied that,“we are dealing with the 27 Representations…we will have a holistic solution for all 250 complaints…we will have to sit down and speak with all registrars…if not tomorrow, we will come up with a solution by Monday”.

Source PTI

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