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CJI Khehar insults District Judiciary, said they become Judges only when they fail in Legal Profession

August 23,2017:

This mindless jibe by outgoing Justice Khehar has lowered the dignity attached to the office of CJI.

CJI Khehar insults Lower Judiciary
CJI Khehar insults Lower Judiciary

In a damening and totally unavoidable statement outgoing CJI said that Lower Judiciary consists of only those Lawyers who were not doing well in the Profession as an Advocate.

He was hearing a matter on devloping a Central Mechanism for selection of Subordinate Judiciary.

Several Senior Advocates were not happy with the haste been shown by the Bench headed by CJI in this matter.

It is at this juncture that in order to deflect the issue away from his understandable haste he said that it is only those Candidates who do not do well in Legal Profession that try their luck in Judicial Service Exams.

They have all the time needed to prepare for it. Had they been doing well they would had continued as Advocates.

This mindless sweeping damaging statement from a man holding post of CJI was clearly avoidable. This brings to the fore the prejudice he has for the thousands of Subordinate Judges who toil hard to uphold Law in the Nation.

When Senior Advocates sought time for further submissions the matter was adjourned for 15 days.

CJI Khehar is set to retire on 27th August this week.

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  1. IRRESPECTIVE of what khehar said, it is a fact that district court judges are absolutely incompetent and corrupt. If anyone disagrees ,he has to just compile a list of how many judgments of each judge were overturned by higher courts. If a student answers wrongly in LLB exam, he is failed but district court judges routinely issue judgments which cearly show lack of knowledge ,stupidity and corruption

  2. Jagvir Singh Mann

    I think cji khehar Means an advocate better than judges.

  3. Abolish subordinate judiciary and confer powers on each high court to have benches in all District. If Justice Khehar comment is right.

  4. There are certain truisms in CJ,s statement though outwardly it appears derogatory and insulting. But from where he has come to the post of the highest judiciary? As an advocate or a district judge so it applies to him also

  5. Jatt Pagal ho gaya.

  6. Khehar is right, advocates are scared of judges. At lower judiciary you are not able to do any quality work. It depends on moods and practice of each judge and corruption not on merits. 80% lower court judges are not competent

  7. Bhair Prasad Padhi

    What CJI observed is no bizarre at all. It was his own bitter experience that came to his mouth. Had he been a successful lawyer we would not have heard this to be a hue and cry of such magnitude. I would reproduce what a lower court judicial officer who was not picked for his young age and absence of Godfather in the District Judge cadre post and one Judge who was elevated to the Supreme Court showed him the back door saying that he is too young for the post. And that poor judge tried his luck at OPSC and came out successful only to be posted as Junior Civil Judge. This is the travesty of merit in judiciary friends.We have to swallow the bitter pills at any cost because the system JUDICIARY lacks the power of VISION. They can only HEAR and SPEAK

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