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Cases of Honour Killings are on a rise, the people responsible for them should be dealt with sternly: HC

June 13,2018:

Punjab and Haryana High Court has expounded that Honour Killing cases are increasing and the people responsible for it should be dealt with sternly.

Honour Killing
Honour Killing

HC has directed a Trial Court to decide a 2017 case of Honour Killing within 6 months.

The above stated observation were made Justice Harminder Singh while dismissing Bail plea of a Hisar resident, who allegedly killed his sister for marrying a man belonging to a different caste last year.

Bench added that,“Cases of honour killing are increasing day by day, which is a very unhealthy trend in our society. This tendency needs to be curbed. Persons indulging in honour killings need to be dealt with sternly to send a message around that people indulging in such type of crimes shall be held accountable for their such wrongful acts”.

Accused, Ashok Kumar, was booked for murder of his sister Kiran Rani in February, 2017 on the complaint of Rohtash Kumar, a Hisar resident.

Rohtash had married Rani, who belonged to Jat community, in 2015 but had later returned to her home for further studies. She had told Rohtash that she would be able to convince her family regarding the marriage.

However, in January,2017 Rohtash allegedly received a phone call from Accused Ashok Kumar who threatened to kidnap him from Haryana.

According to Police Complainant, he came to know that Ashok Kumar was brother of Rani and Rani had been killed by her family.

High Court, in the order stated that State Government’s argument that the accused can abscond or tamper with prosecution evidence in case he is granted bail cannot be brushed aside lightly.

Source Indian Express

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