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Judicial reform PM Modi’s top priority in 2017


PM Modi and Demonitisation.
PM Modi and Judiciary

Govt. is a Litigant in around 46% of pending 3 Crore Cases.

PM Narendra Modi on 31st October had summarized the govt. major role in a clogged judicial system by saying that the judiciary spends its max. time on us & us means the government, not Modi.

Modi’s comment wasn’t unexpected. In the backdrop, his office is quietly working on Judicial reform & recently, a Joint Secretary in the PMO (Prime Minister Office) wrote to various concerned ministries seeking suggestions on certain steps with a view to reduce pendency & reduce the govt. litigation.

The PMO is pressing hard for providing information expeditiously

Since, govt. litigation constitutes about 46% of all the court cases, the PMO is pushing the national litigation policy & judicial reform under the supervision of the Law Ministry.

Time to Re-write The Rules

PMO has received suggestions from various groups, policymakers  and stakeholders. The Southern Gujarat Chamber of Commerce & Industry in a letter to PM Modi has asked for making amendments in the food adulteration act and making economic & civil crimes punishable by a special police force as done in the metro cities.

Southern Gujarat Chamber of Commerce & industry wrote to PM Narendra Modi, “Law Ministry & SC should sit together to evaluate the system of working of the courts”.

According to a note given by the Ministry of Commerce, the commercial lawsuits between businesses in Indian Courts is among the lengthiest, complex & costly . It takes about 1,420 days to enforce a contract in India and costs around 39.6 % of the claim value and there is recommendation to ease the burden on judicial system is to set up specialized commercial fast track courts similar to that of tax.

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