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J. Katju seeks to Bail out SC: Heavy workload possible reason for ‘serious mistakes’ in Soumya Case


J. Katju said that he himself had sometimes made mistakes in his judgements.


Retd. Supreme Court Justice Markandey Katju hassaid the Apex Court had made “serious mistakes” in the Soumya Rape and Murder case by commuting the death sentence of the accused to life.

He attributed it to “SC Judges not being able to give much time to the individual cases due to heavy workload of cases pending before them”.

He remarked that he genuinely believe that the Supreme Court had made some serious mistakes in its recent  judgement by reversing the death penalty awarded by High Court of Kerala.

He said that when he first came to know that he had been issued notice by SC, asking him to appear before the court on November 11, he was “upset.”

He thought the Supreme Court was trying to “humiliate” him since he had criticised their judgement and such an order was “unprecedented”.

For this reason he had initially commented that he would not appear before the court as directed.

However, he realised the Apex Court used “very respectful language to me and had requested me, not ordered me, to appear.

He said since they seemed to be sincere about their desire to reconsider their judgement without a closed mind.”

He Quoted celebrated British Judge Lord Denning, “The Judge has not been born who has not made a mistake.”

He said that we are all humans, and all of us make mistakes, but it is inly a gentleman who realises his mistake, acknowledges it, and seeks to make amends.

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