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How Artificial Intelligence (AI) holds future for the Indian Legal System with innovative assistance


Artificial Intelligence in Legal System
Artificial Intelligence in Legal System

Artificial Intelligence (AI) will soon become the new buzzword amidst the Indian Legal Service providers,

Adoption of AI technology has already gained marked prominence in global legal market and in the Indian firms, too, are looking into this potential treasure trove of innovative assistance to aid in their own activities in coming days.

Michio Kaku who is a noted physicist, theorist and futurist once states that job market in the future will consist of those activities that robots cannot perform.

Taking heed of this premonition, India’s top legal service providers seem to be moving past traditional model of technological insularity and setting their sights on riding AI wave.

Cyril Amarchand Mangaldas, one of the leading law firms in the country, has been the first to make a public announcement, stating their intention to adopt AI technology for their certain legal process activities.

In an agreement with the Kira Systems, a Canada based technology company, firm intends on using Kira machine-learning software for greater automation of its due diligence and the transactional practices, which they say will usher in a new era of efficiency and accuracy for benefit of their clients.

Globally, advent of AI systems for legal sector came as a furtherance of Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) model to reduce the costs of high volume-low value activities and cater to changing needs of society.

AI platforms are now being used internationally in a variety of legal tasks such as automated challenges to car parking tickets, which apart from time and hassle, would also require a party to incur larger legal fees than cost of infraction itself.

DoNotPay is one such service in New York and London, which provides such a service free of cost and has managed to achieve a 64 per cent success rate.

Though a recent Deloitte study says that AI is expected to automate around 1,14,000 legal jobs in UK by 2020, its impact on requirement of Indian legal professionals should be far from alarming.

Rather, it is expected that in times to come, industry players will increasingly work alongside with AI platforms to provide greater human resource utility and better legal solutions for society as a whole.

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