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Hindus in Pakistan finally get their first Matrimonial Law as ‘Hindu Marriage Act, 2017’ is notified, Read Text


Hindus in Pakistan
Hindus in Pakistan

It is the first such Hindu Law which would be applicable to entire Pakistan.

In a landmark development, bill to regulate marriages of minority Hindus in Pakistan became a law on Sunday after the President Mamnoon Hussain gave his approval.

With President’s approval, Pakistan’s Hindus got an exclusive personal law to regulate their marriages.

“On the advice of PM Nawaz Sharif, the President of Pakistan has assented to ‘The Hindu Marriage Bill 2017’,” a statement from the PM’s Office said.

The law aims to protect families, marriages, mothers & children while safeguarding legitimate rights & interests of the Hindu families.

PM Sharif said that his govt. has always focused on providing equal rights to the minority communities residing in Pakistan.

He said, “They’re as patriotic like any other community and, ∴ it’s responsibility of the state to provide equal protection to them.”

Law provides right to a separated person to marry again, entitlement of remarriage for a Hindu widow at her will & consent after stipulated time, legitimacy of child born out of void & voidable Hindu marriage.

The law also provides for punishments of imprisonment and fines up to ₹1,00,000 or both for contraventions.

All offences under the Hindu Marriage Bill 2017 could be tried in the court of a 1st class magistrate.

It’s the 1st law which would be applicable to entire Pakistan except Sindh province which has its own law to regulate the marriages of Hindus.

Hindu Marriage Act, 2017 of Pakistan by latest laws team on Scribd

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