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High Court : It is unfortunate to see that Police today does not care for the Common Man


Court appalled to find that Police did not come to the rescue of a Women when her Husband and in laws snatched her Two Children.

Insensitive Police
Insensitive Police

Delhi High Court expounded that,”Poor, common man has no voice and Police shoo them away because no money can be made and no high-up will call”.

High Court’s caustic observations came after was told by a mother of two kids that Police didn’t take any action when she had gone to them and complained that her children had been forcibly taken away by her husband and in-laws.


Delhi High Court Bench comprising of Justice Vipin Sanghi and Justice Deepa Sharma expounded that, “The police force today is not there for common man. It is a very, very unfortunate situation.”

According to woman’s plea, she was thrown out of her matrimonial home on April 15,2017 and she gone to her mother’s place.

Four days later, her husband and in-laws came to her mother’s residence and forcibly took away her children to Hoshiarpur in Punjab.

She claimed to have reported this to nearby police station at Timarpur in North Delhi, but officers there did nothing to help her.

High Court Bench directed Station House Officer (SHO) of Police Station to act on her complaint and consider information already gathered regarding location of her children.

Court further ordered SHO to ensure that two kids, woman’s husband and her in-laws, who are named in the petition, are present in Court on the next date of hearing on May 23.

Woman had moved High Court seeking to know whereabouts as well as custody of her minor kids, one of them is an eight-month-old infant.

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