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High Court rules UK Parliament must vote on Brexit European Union


The British High Court has ruled that British Government cannot start the process of leaving the European Union without the approval of Parliament, in a landmark judgement that could delay the Brexit.

Britain and European Union
Britain and European Union

High Court Bench comprising of three senior judges expounded that Prime Minister Theresa May’s Government does not have the power itself to trigger Article 50 of the EU’s Lisbon Treaty, the formal notification of the Britain’s intention to leave the bloc.

The Judgment stated that,”We hold that Secretary of State does not have the power under the Crown’s prerogative to give the notice pursuant to Article 50… for the United Kingdom to withdraw from EU,”.

Theresa May’s Downing Street Office in it statement stated that it was “disappointed” by the decision and thus would appeal, and the case is now expected to be heard in the Supreme Court in early December.

Most members of the Parliament’s Lower House of Commons wanted Britain to stay in the EU in the June referendum, and there is a speculation that they could push for a softer break with the bloc or even try to prevent it altogether.

After the High Court’s judgment. pound rallied against the dollar and euro jumping above $1.24 after weeks of tumbling to multi-year low points against its main rivals.

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