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High Court: Compensating Rape Victim is Govt’s obligation, not charity


Rape Victim
Rape Victim

Govt. was reluctant to give Compensation as it was of the the view that the Rape appeared to be consensual to them.

Rape victims aren’t beggars & giving compensation to women victims of crime is state’s obligation and not any charity, the Bombay HC said on Wednesday, while terming the Maharashtra govt’s attitude as “ruthless”.

A division bench of the Chief Justice Manjula Chellur & Justice GS Kulkarni was hearing a petition filed by a 14 year old rape victim, seeking ₹3 lakh as compensation under Govt’s ‘Manodhairya Yojana’.

The girl, a resident of suburban Borivali, alleged that she was raped by a man who had promised to marry her.

On Wednesday, the High Court bench was informed that after the girl filed petition in October last year, a sum of ₹1 lakh was given to her by govt. as compensation.

During last hearing, the govt. had told the HC that it would pay only ₹2 lakh compensation to the girl, since this incident seems to be of “consensual nature”.

Exasperated with this, the HC said a 14 year old child can’t be expected to understand & take such mature decisions and realize their consequences.

High Court asked Mumbai Suburban Deputy Collector, who was present in the court as to how he’d feel if something of this nature would’ve happened to his kith & kin.

“You (govt) should think from your heart in such cases, there cannot be such an insensitive attitude. It’s govt’s obligation to help such victims. They (victims) are not beggars and this isn’t charity. It is their right,” the bench noted.

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  1. does the govt have any responsibility towards husbands, mothers, fathers , sisters who are jailed without trial,humiliated,tortured,looted in false 498a cases filed by shameless liar wives ? The judiciary and govt are supposed to be fair but they are NOT and hence both are guilty. Until that happens, i have no sympathy for any such woman.

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